Special sunflower oil for deep frying. Such sunflower oil is a mixture of refined sunflower oil with food additives (E320 / E321) and antifoaming agent (E900).
Advantages of sunflower oil for deep-frying:
1. Main ingredient is high oleic sunflower oil with an oleic acid content (Omega-9, monounsaturated fatty acid) of at least 80%;
2. Does not contain trans fats;
3. Due to its fatty acid composition is more economical in use and more resistant to oxidation, which increases the time of its use and provides a longer shelf life of the finished product;
4. Does not foam or smoke. Deep-frying oil has a high smoke point (up to 235℃), which allows you to fry foods evenly at very high temperatures maintaining its nutritional properties and mouth-watering appearance.
5. This is ideal sunflower oil to use in the food industry for the production of snacks, chips, confectionery, as well as at the professional kitchen in the HoReCa segment – resource-intensive frying oil with a long-term use cycle without frequent replacement.
6. A great alternative to palm oil based deep-frying mixes.


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Ingridients: 100% high oleic refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil, antioxidants (Е320/Е321), antifoaming agent (E900);
Volume:  5 L; 15 L
Net weight: 4,6 kg; 13,8 kg
Shelf life: 24 months
Packing:  5 L PET bottle; bag-in-box


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