Pellets is an alternative biofuel obtained by pressing dried and crushed sunflower husks. Flowability of pellets allows automating their burning in both household and industrial boilers – pellets are poured into the fuel hopper and stoked to the boiler with the help of a screw feed. Consequently, the boiler is able to work without refueling for several days until the fuel hopper is empty.
Production capacity: up to 1500 tons per month;
Packaging details: in bulk;
Transportation: in a railway wagon (62-67 tons), by trucks;
Terms of delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB, CIF, CFR;

Physical and mechanical properties of pressed and granulated sunflower husks  DSTU 7124:2009

Indicator name Norm
Granular size:
– Diameter, mm
– Length, mm
4 to 15
5 to 50
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %, not more than 12,0
Ash content, %, not more than 4,0
Calorific value MJ/kg, at least 15,0
The bulk (poured) density, kg/m3, at least 500,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber, based on dry substance, % 35.0 to 60,0
Mass fraction of total sulfur, %, not more than 0,23
Amount of dust and debris (mechanical strength), %, not more than 5,0
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